Nick’s Blog

One of my dearest friends and adopted siblings, bookwyrmnick (or just Nick!), has a blog! It’s called The Bookwyrm’s Den. I’ve copied his very first post, as it explains a bit about his blog.

Welcome to the Bookwyrm’s Den, where I, the Bookwyrm, will share my literary-ness with the world, both my own and my reviews of others’. I don’t talk much, so bear with me if I seem a little a-social.

Not only does Nick share his literary-ness with the world, he also shares book reviews, bits of writing, and more. I urge you to check out his blog!

Happy reading!
~Mercia Dragonslayer

About merciatremblac

I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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2 Responses to Nick’s Blog

  1. Bookwormnick says:

    *grins* Thanks, Mercy.

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