Oodles and Noodles of Notebooks (NaNo Day 12)

Well, not really. I don’t have notebooks that look like noodles. (But I could apply the analogy to the wire binding on the spiral notebooks, because that actually looks like a silver noodle.) But I do have a lot of notebooks.


That’s all of my notebooks except for five that I couldn’t find/didn’t have at the time I took this picture. And yes, they are stacked on top of a table. When I’m not counting them or using them, most of them go inside these crates.


The total count was 155. Then I found two notebooks in my room, another one under my bed, and I got three more from friends. So that brings my total up to 161. Wow.

Then, when I was pondering this amazingly huge number, I decided to look up the percentages of each type of notebook I have.

I’m not sure if you can see the numbers on the chart, so here they are:

Binders 16% (25)

Drawings 8%  (13)

Journals 8%  (13)

Composition 2%  (3)

School 6%  (9)

Writing 9%  (14)

Random 10% (16)

Multi-Subject 4% (6)

Filled Writing 5% (8)

Empty 7% (11)

Planners 3% (4)

Filled Random 6% (9)

Moleskin 2% (3)

Mini 14% (21)

So the low-down is I’ve got an insane number of notebooks. And, contrary to popular opinion, I don’t just write in them! The “Random” notebooks are actually a combination of sermon notes, random story scenes, and drawings. Actually, almost all of my notebooks have at least one sermon in them. I tend to take them to church, realize I don’t have my official journal, and then write down everything the preacher says jot down a few notes.

I realized a while back I probably have every sermon I’ve listened to in the past seven years written down somewhere. That’s… a lot of sermons…

And I’m sorry, folks, but I have no idea how to relate this post to NaNoWriMo. I suppose I’ll end by saying that I’m almost to 10,000 words. I’m behind by that many words as well. Ugh.


About merciatremblac

I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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4 Responses to Oodles and Noodles of Notebooks (NaNo Day 12)

  1. Sandy says:

    Darling, this is ridiculous. I’m so jealous 😀

  2. Meghan, what you need to do next is to compile a computerized index of all the sermon notes (by topic, text and preacher), all the journal entries (by date, subject, mood, and future usability [rated from 0 to 10]), all the drawings (cataloged by name, sex, and type [human, animal, implement, scene, etc.). Grandpa 🙂

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