A Keyboard, Finally! (NaNo Day 15)

So I’ve finally gotten a keyboard for my iPad! As some of you know, the reason I decided to hand write my novel for NaNoWriMo was because I couldn’t handle the on-screen iPad keyboard for extended periods of time–it’s a lot of stress in the fingers and the wrists. My dear friend Emily, however, has solved this problem for me!

Emily has a long history of giving me interesting presents. Notebooks, wax letter-sealing kit with two “m” seals, a poster featuring me as Robin Hood… She’s very thoughtful in her gifts. An iPad keyboard for Christmas–given in the middle of November, when she knows I’m behind and can’t write quickly enough to catch up? I’d say that’s incredibly thoughtful.

Now, on to the review of my keyboard. It’s a soundlogic bluetooth keyboard and leather folding portfolio in one. The keyboard itself is silicone with incredibly small keys. It’s an Apple-style keyboard, but with an FN key (do Macs have those?). The right side features arrow keys–a blessing in editing anything, let me tell you–and a button that has the same functions as the power button on the iPad itself.

The downsides are few, but nonetheless present. If I type too quickly, the keys have a tendency to replicate letters. The ‘/” key, =/+ key, and \-| key are all in different places, meaning that every time I try to type an apostrophe, I end up hitting the enter key. They keys are also much smaller than I’m used to, which can make typing difficult at times. With the sleeve the iPad fits into, I can’t see the very bottom of the screen or the front webcam.

However, I’d say the upsides of having a traditional keyboard out weight the downsides. It’s certainly better than the on-screen keyboard, and I look forward to using it for the rest of November!

–The hand writing business is just not going to work out this time. I’m almost 15,000 words behind, and my and and wrist are cramping from writing too much. I also don’t have the time to catch up by hand even with the upcoming car ride for Thanksgiving.

Now to decide what app to use for my main writing…


About merciatremblac

I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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