Fallor has no common sense (and likes blogging, apparently)

Just so you know. I present the proof for your entertainment:

(By the way, this [most of it] is what I wrote today. Plus some other stuff but that doesn’t pertain to this post. I ended up writing this chapter out of order because random snippets of awesome dialogue kept popping into my head and I just moved it around to its proper place, then connected everything at the end. I’ll write another post on this later!)

Jeline straightened her dress. She didn’t know why she was visiting Fallor, an outlaw, who carried no influence whatsoever in the human government. He could not help her—their—cause, and yet here she stood, waiting for him to find her. If he could find her.

Admit it, you like humans  You like the interaction with them.  They fascinate you.  Admit it.

Oh, shush.

“Hello?” She ventured further into the forest. If she really wanted to get back to this camp, she could—an elf’s sense of direction could not be fooled by a mere human—but she could not hope to best all of Fallor’s lackeys and live. Or return to her home unscathed.

A twig snapped and Jeline whirled toward the noise. “Who’s there?”

Fallor appeared from behind a tree and grimaced. “I suppose I can’t hide from an elf around here, can I?”

“Shut up!” Jeline hissed. She nearly knocked him flat but decided against it. He’s much bigger than I. And anyhow, that’s no way to make friends. If I even want his friendship.

“Shutting up!” Fallor raised his hands in defeat. Then he licked his lips and said, “So what’s this top-secret information you have for me?”

Jeline never felt more like digging a hole and burying herself in it.

By the time she finally bludgeoned into his brain the idea that she was not supposed to be here and that he needed to learn some discretion, Fallor managed to find a secret clearing where they could speak in private. She still could not speak of everything here, but at least the imbecile would stop mentioning such things in his blatantly open missives.

Yes. There it is. The proof that Fallor is a complete imbecile, when it comes to social situations. I suppose that’s what comes of living in a forest for who knows how many years. At least he rather redeems himself in the end–I would hope this affliction remaineth not for the rest of his days!

Fallor: I’m pretty sure there was an insult in there somewhere.

Me: Obviously.

Fallor: Honestly. *rolls eyes* I’m not an imbecile, and I do possess more intelligence than you believe.

Me: Marginally.

Fallor: That’s not the point. *clears throat* Dear readers of my author’s–whatever this is–

Me: Blog. It’s a blog.

Fallor: –Blog, fine. Dear readers, I promise that I shall once again hijack Mercia’s blog and write my own post. It seems… Interesting, from what I’ve seen.

Me: *facepalm*

~Mercia Dragonslayer


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I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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4 Responses to Fallor has no common sense (and likes blogging, apparently)

  1. Nairam says:


    I’m trying to remember if Fallor and Robin have ever been in a lounge together. That would be interesting, to say the least.

    • Yes, they have :P. I’m pretty sure Fallor was still Robin then, which made it even better. And that was back when I could actually keep up with lounges–I usually lose track of them, and then they get buried underneath the billions of other character lounges going on at the same time.

      ..So yeah. Fallor and Robin as they are now in a character lounge would be most interesting. Hehe.

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