The Amazing Spiderman

So, I went with my uncle to see The Amazing Spiderman movie that just came out (and then went again with my dad!). From what I understood before I saw the movies (without seeing any trailers other than the Target one), it seemed like a remake of the Spiderman movie from ten years ago. Boy, was I right and wrong.

The Amazing Spiderman starts in pretty much the same place the “old” first movie began–Peter Parker is a geeky and unpopular teen who tries to stand up for others but gets caught in bullying crossfire. Then, when bit by a spider from the lab where he “interned,” he transforms into a literal spider-man.

The whole plot is magnificent from beginning to end. The themes of “With great power comes great responsibility” are fleshed out so much more in this movie than in the original, and I felt more for Peter when *SPOILER* his uncle died. (Of course, this could be because I saw the original once, a long time ago.) Peter himself feels like a real teenager with real emotional problems that stem from both his new powers and his uncle’s death. He feels confused by what’s happening to him when he’s bitten, and pushes away his aunt and uncle. When his uncle dies and he knows it’s his fault, he takes up a vigilante stance to hunt down the man who killed Ben, all the while rebelling against his aunt.

“But,” Spiderman fans say, “That’s not who Spiderman is! He’s a hero, through and through!” (–paraphrased from a friend)

Well, yeah. Spiderman’s a hero here, too. But he’s more relate-able to me personally. He made mistakes, sure, but I didn’t blame him for those mistakes even as I knew they were the wrong choices. In fact, Peter even grew to realize they were the wrong choices and changed. And yes, he disrespects his aunt–multiple times. But in this movie, Peter is a hurting young man who’s just lost his uncle. I thought his reactions perfectly realistic, and at the end, he even takes steps toward amending his mistakes.

Now, for the content. I counted two profanities (one was mostly overrun by everyone else in the room talking over the speaker), though Plugged In counted 13 or so. There’s no inappropriate sexual content aside from several make-out scenes. Not as tastefully done as the original, but not cringe-worthy, either. There’s quite a bit of violence (two characters are shot and shown to be bleeding, and several times characters are clawed across the chest). But overall, I think the violence, romance, and profanity were tastefully done (if profanity really *can* be tastefully done–at any rate, it wasn’t over the top and wasn’t necessarily shown in a “good” light).

After watching TAM, I went back and watched the other three movies, and I found many similarities between all four as well as other cartoons and comics. Gwen Stacy makes an appearance in place of Mary Jane (thank goodness!). Dr. Connors is, of course, the main villain. Peter deals out vigilante justice in search of his uncle’s killer (though not with the help of an alien symbiote–that was just… what? Deux Et Machina if I ever saw one…). There is no Harry and no Harry’s father, and therefore no Green Goblin villain.

As for the other three movies… I really liked the first one. The themes of “With great power comes great responsibility” were more seamlessly and more powerfully done in the new movie (IMHO), but the old one still packs emotional punch. I didn’t like the second one very much, and during the third one all I wanted to do was hit the main characters over the head with a frying pan. (I did like Harry, though, except for the “I MUST KILL SPIDERMAN AND AVENGE MY FATHER!” It reminded me too much of “I MUST CAPTURE THE AVATAR AND REGAIN MY HONOR”, except with a lot less reason for the angst O.o)

To sum up: I loved the new movie. It was more emotional for me, personally, and I think it had the best demonstration of ideals I’ve seen in a long time. I liked the first old movie, because the characters behaved rationally and the themes still stood out. I liked the second one a bit less, but it was still decent. I didn’t like the third one at all. The transition from “Good guy–>Vigilante–>good guy” made more sense in the new one. Plus, the characters were wishy-washy in Spiderman 3, and if there’s anything I dislike more than bad plots, it’s bad characters.

The Amazing Spiderman: 4.5/5 (Violence, kissing, some profanity)


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6 Responses to The Amazing Spiderman

  1. Ruth says:

    Being a huge fan of the old Spider-man movies, I’ve been really anxious to see the new one. From your review, it actually sounds like it’s pretty good ^_^

    I agree with you about the old ones– the second one was my least favorite and I DEFINITELY wanted to hit the main characters over the head with a frying pan for the entire duration of the third, with the exception of Harry at /some/ times. I like Harry :3 and your Harry/Zuko comparison made me laugh xD. (I love Zuko!) I think all the frustration the third film evoked made it slightly more compelling than the second, but the first is definitely the best!

    • XD Yes, Harry and Zuko are quite similar. 😛 Only…. Not. Hehe.

      Yes. The frustration in the third movie evened out a bit at the end, with Harry turning “good,” but still not the best. And I think the Vigilante Peter (no Venom, though) just worked better in the newer movie.

  2. Here here! I really (really!) enjoyed the new Spiderman and would love to see the series keep going. I found this version of Peter Parker so much more believable and likeable. His growth through the course of the film is handled really tastefully and skillfully.
    Hoping there will be more since it would be really nice to see Venom done properly.

    • I agree with everything you just said. XD I never liked Venom in the older movies and cartoons and such because he felt like a Deux et Machinability to me. But Peter’s vigilante-ness in the new movie was pretty good as a substitute if they never get around to actually showing Venom!

  3. lilacandivy says:

    Thanks for the review – I was wondering if that new Spiderman movie was any good! I totally agree with you on the 3rd movie in the last series. Very painful to watch, and I got pretty mad at Peter for how stupid he acted. Grrr. 😛
    I think the fact that Spiderman has always been a weaker superhero, with job/relationship/family problems that he constantly has to deal with, is been the main reason why he was/is so popular. I congratulate Stan Lee on his creation. ^^
    I will definitely check this movie out, thanks again for the review. 🙂

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