Cool Stuff, Guys! (And school, which is sort of cool.)

Hey, guys! Guess what?

I now have a “cool stuff” page. Check it out! I’ve got links to all sorts of things there, and a lot of them relate to writing. So enjoy! 🙂

On to business. I’m a sophmore in college this year at my local community college, and my consensus on things is about the same as it was last year: homeschooling was a lot harder.

For instance–I’m taking 7 courses, which comes out to 19 credits total. And yet, even with this course load, my sister complains that the homework she gets from Classical Conversations is harder than my college work! (My mom’s reply: “Yes, that’s true, but you’re probably getting the better education.” I can’t say I disagree.)

Professional Research and Reporting (ENG114): This is essentially the same class my mom teaches, only it’s “curriculum level” and supposedly more advanced. To date, we’ve had zero homework. Yes, you read that correctly–no homework. When we had resume and cover letter workshops, I finished both in about fifteen minutes and twiddled my thumbs for the rest of class. (To compare, my mom gives her students at least one assignment per class period.)

Spanish I (SPA111): Now, I have to say that I’m in love with Spanish. It’s a simple language, my teacher is interesting, and I feel that my learning is more accelerated because of the years of Latin I took in elementary and middle school. Not much to say here.

Academic Transfer Success (ACA121): There’s homework for this class, but it’s the sort that I can whip out the night before and finish in ten minutes. Not at all challenging.

2-Dimensional Design (ART-something): The lectures this teacher gives are so incredibly boring, it’s not even funny. However, they only last for an hour of our three-hour class time, and the teacher himself is interesting, so that evens out a bit. Besides, the projects we do are pretty cool. Again, not too much homework, and I get most of it done in class.

Creative Writing (ENG126): THIS CLASS IS AWESOME. Since I’m in the “upper level” class (125 and 126 are in the same room), I’m only working on a single “genre” for the semester–i.e. short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, etc. Except I’m writing a novel instead. My teacher is made of win. (Also, she’s having us journal for the class. It’s like she knows about my notebook addiction and wants to feed it!)

Public Speaking (COM241): Another 3-hour class, but we only meet once a week. The teacher is pretty cool, even if she does assign a bazillion chapters to read and answer questions for. Still, it’s not all that challenging–the homework takes me two hours tops with twenty chapters-worth of questions, and the in-class work is easy. I get to help people when I’m finished, though, and that’s fun.

General Psychology (PSY150): I gotta say, I love my teacher. She’s hilarious and creative and plays cool music before class starts, and her lectures are never boring. She hardly ever gives out homework, too, so that’s a bonus. (Her tests are hard, though. Meh. Can’t have everything…) I also know her outside of class because she heads up our local CAR society. Win!

It looks like as far as interesting goes this semester, it’s half-and-half, and most of it isn’t challenging at all. Le sigh. At least I have time for other things, like work and church and letter-writing!

~Mercia Dragonslayer

So, I pretty much talked about myself in this post, and I don’t really have anything to ask. Questions…? Comments…?


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I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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14 Responses to Cool Stuff, Guys! (And school, which is sort of cool.)

  1. John LaShell says:

    YAY for Latin 🙂 Grandpa

  2. Sandy says:

    Finally getting around to checking some of my blogs 😛 I love this post.

  3. Your classes sound awwwwesome! I would have given a lot for creative writing on school.

    In English we had a project; make your own ‘pick your own story.’ Well I thought it was a great project do I started straight away and bashed it out in a week. My teacher looked at it on hand in day, rolled her eyes and said ‘do you kids think I don’t have anything else to do with my day except mark your work?’


    [MER-bot]. Just because it was 50 pages. I’ll never forget how guilty I felt for completing a piece of homework! *sigh*

    In hindsight I’m just glad that I was stubborn enough to keep writing.

    I hope you enjoy the semester. 🙂

  4. Its Tuesday says:

    What grade is your sister in in Classical? I did Challenge II last year and it was so completely BRUTAL. As much as it pains me to admit it, it drove me to chose public school. I’ll be honest… I’m loads happier now.

    • I think she’s in Challenge I… But I do know she would never voluntarily choose public school! XD She’s quite the sheltered little homeschooler, IMHO. But I’m sorry you hated it so much… From what I see of her work, some of it sounds like something I might have enjoyed when I was her age. Alas, I’m past that now…

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