It’s 2013!

Well, folks, it’s finally 2013! I’m excited for this year. 2012 has been a rather unproductive year for me. I finished one novel–Fallor/Jeline–and got a decent start on several, but nothing amazing. I could probably blame my lack of any significant writing on my class load this semester, or my lack of a laptop… And, well, there are other things too, but I’m certain I was too depressed last year to write much. But there’s always this year!

To conclude 2012 and break into a great start with the new year, I’d like to make a list of things I’m thankful for. I didn’t make a list at Thanksgiving, and I feel a little guilty about that, so here it is! In no particular order…

1. My creative writing teacher this semester. She was spectacularly helpful in planning two of my novels and spent countless hours talking out plots and characters with me. So glad I got into her class! I hope to keep up an acquaintance with her.

2. My writing journal. It’s been years since I’ve had a “crap notebook,” where I dump all things random. This year, my creative writing teacher had us keel a writing journal for our in-class prompts, and she encouraged us to write it at least once a week out of class. I did–probably too much, actually, since she complained about not being able to find my assignments. Anyway, this notebook has been the only reason I’ve written anything this year I got a few decent flash fiction pieces and story ideas out of it, and I’m actually on my second notebook since August. I love plowing through those one subject spiral notebooks! It makes me feel so writerly.

3. Emiga. She’s my best friend in real life, and simply spectacular. She pretty much single-handedly cleaned and organized my room when I moved across the house, and just today she spent her afternoon doing it again. She’s always been there for me when I needed a hug or a book. ❤

Since this is a fairly long post, I'll cut it short and possibly pick it up again sometime.. Or maybe I'll just keep a running list throughout the year. That sounds better, actually!

Next time: more character development, because I wrote up some lovely long posts on OYAN that I want to share.

~Mercia Dragonslayer


About merciatremblac

I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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4 Responses to It’s 2013!

  1. Maggie says:

    Ah, the feeling of filling a notebook. There’s nothing like it. 🙂

  2. Heather LaShell says:

    It’s always good to be thankful, any ol’ time of year


    May God give you more and more grace and peace. 1 Peter 1:2

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