Happy New Year!

Happy new year, dear followers!

It’s 2014, and it’s time for–you guessed it–new year’s resolutions. You know, the ones that I never keep because I give up about two months in. Well, hopefully, this year I’ll be able to get some stuff done!

1. Procrastination. I procrastinated so horribly last semester in everything–writing, art, and school work–and this year, I don’t want to do that again. I don’t want to get to finals week and stress out because I haven’t gotten anything done. My roommate and I have arranged our schedules so that we do homework right after the class when it’s assigned, since we have breaks between some of our classes (four or five hours for me, one or two for her). And if I had my textbooks already, I’d be able to put this into motion already!

2. Writing. I’m doing an independent study this semester, titled “Writing and Preparing a Manuscript for Publication.” Yes, that’s right, I’m doing what I love–novel writing–and getting credit for it. It’s great! I’m in the process of planning the novel, and have been since the beginning of Winter Break, so I’m confident I won’t get bored halfway through. For the curious, sometime in the next week or so I’ve queued a post of the syllabus I wrote up. At any rate, this is a project I’m excited about, and I want to stick to it and finish it.

3. Blogging. I have been so bad about blogging this past year! And I feel bad, because I would really like to build my writer’s platform, but obviously that’s not going to happen unless I work at it. So I’d like to post at least twice a month. Based on past years, that’s a little ambitious, but hopefully I’ll get some decent posts in. Also, I plan on revamping my whole blog design and pages. Everything will look chaotic for awhile, but rest assured, it will be back to normal soon.

4. Art. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten into more this year, it’s art. I rediscovered my waucom drawing tablet and have drawn a couple things with it. I’ve been sketching more on paper, and I’m getting the hang of finger-drawing (or stylus-drawing) on my iPad. I really want to up the ante and further develop my skills this year in all aspects of art, but specifically figure/face/hand drawing, computer paintings, and ballpoint pen drawings.

And those four areas are pretty much the extent of my new year’s resolutions. What are you all planning on doing this year?

~Mercia Dragonslayer


About merciatremblac

I'm a junior in college, creative writing major, currently living in the mountains of North Carolina with my best friend for a roommate.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. John LaShell says:

    These are reasonable, not outlandish goals. Go for it!!

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