About me, you ask?

I’m a junior at what has got to the smallest Christian college ever in the mountains of North Carolina, getting my degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. After that’s done, I plan on getting my Master’s in Education, and then a sign language interpreter degree, so I can teach high school english at a deaf school. My interests vary from writing to art to ASL to fangirling over pretty much everything. (I also spend a lot of time on tumblr, but we won’t get into that…)

I first started writing fiction seriously four and a half years ago upon meeting a girl named Samii. She was writing a novel about elves at the time, and I looked up to her and wanted to do the same. Thus began the terribleness that is The Healer. I never finished it, but I learned from it–I will say that.

Then came the sagas. Samii and I, out of a fit of boredom, began writing a series of stories that we called ‘sagas.’ I think the manner in which we wrote them would be called Role Playing nowadays, but I honestly had no idea what role playing was at the time. From these sagas came my best characters–Fallor, Belerion, Viggo, Brisies, and many more. My penname Mercia came from that era, too.

I eventually branched off into independence and wrote my own stories. Charuga, Iron, and Erevir are just a few of the first novels I attempted writing. They’re awful. Trust me. But I grew through my writing and now I would say that I’m a better writer than I would be if I hadn’t made so many mistakes.

I have so many characters and stories floating about in my head. Fallor, Jeline, Brinian, Catrin, Emrys, Viggo… Perhaps someday I will share their stories with the world and change it, one story at a time.



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  1. emiga says:

    Your blog is amazing.

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