On Writing

The Periodic Table of Storytelling, by computersherpa

This is hilarious, especially if you waste an entire day looking everything up on TVTropes. It also gives a general idea of all the basic plots, characters, and what-have-yous that make up the majority of fiction.

How to Tell Who WON’T Make it in Writing, by Holly Lisle

I found this enlightening, and an easy read.

Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressue, by Holly Lisle

No, I’m definitely not obsessed with Holly Lisle. She just writes good articles! At any rate, I’ve used her notecarding system, and it really worked for me. (I ended up not writing that novel, but it’s a useful technique to have in my arsenal.)

How I Drew  Map and Sold Three Books and a World, by Holly Lisle

This isn’t really “how to,” more like “I did this and it worked,” but I found it incredibly interesting. Maybe it’s just my visual side.

FAQs About Self-Publishing, by Holly Lisle

Exactly what it says on the tin.

The Original Fiction Mary Sue Litmus Test

I think every author should put his or her characters through this questionaire. It’s been really helpful in developing my own characters, and it’s interesting to put other fictional characters through and see how they score.

Harry Potter–Sorting Hat House Quiz

I often use this quiz to get a general “feel” for my character’s personality, if I’m having trouble expressing specific personality traits. I also love putting my developed characters through and seeing how the results match with what I know about them.

Preditors and Editors

A good guide to not getting scammed by the publishing world. Highly recommended!

Creativity Tip–Mind Mapping, by Aheila

This is an awesome guide to using mind maps for stories. Also, the rest of this girl’s blog is just brilliant.

17 Reasons Manuscripts are Rejected–How To Get Published, by Laurie

This is a really great, detailed list of how to keep editors reading your manuscript.

Five Fiction Mistakes that Spell Rejection, by Moira Allen

Exactly what it says on the tin, but more detailed than I had expected.

Online Writing Submissions: Mistakes Writers Make Submitting to Literary Agents and Editors

Again, exactly what the title says. Quite helpful!

Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting

As a college writing center tutor, I visit this website often to help students with their papers. There’s also more information on the website about academic writing and formatting.


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