As you may or may not know, I am primarily a fiction writer. I love writing novels, short stories, one-shots, etcetera. Here, you can find a list of the novels I’ve completed, plus a few of the ones I’m currently working on. I will try to group them by series for you, and hopefully in chronological order, but not necessarily the order they would be in the series.

These are here for your enjoyment–I ask that you please not copy these ideas anywhere for any reason, or use them to gain profit. Thanks!

Last updated: February 2, 2012

Reason for update: The plot bunnies attacked. So I need to add them to my stories list, eh?

! = new since last update

# = complete first draft

* = part of a series

Craig’s Story !

Craig has the perfect life–a loving fiancee, a well-paying job, a great apartment, a fantastic car, and tons of friends. In fact, he loves his life, and he’s perfectly satisfied in every way… Until a so-called angel crash-lands practically on his doorstep. Craig’s life is thrown into upheaval and he must reconsider his priorities or risk losing everything he has.


When a random boy runs up to her and whispers, “Pretend you’re my girlfriend!” Abby knows her life is about to get really interesting. Jumping into algae-infested lakes, running from the government, and getting her new friend de-possessed becomes part of her daily routine. Will she figure out what’s going on in time? Or will powerful beings invade her world?

[Sorry for the awful summary. I have a better one somewhere, I just can’t find it right now.]

[This is sort of abandoned, as far as I’m concerned.]

Unnamed Paranormal Romance

When her life takes a turn for the unexpected, single werewolf Teri moves to a small town to start a new life. She gets a job at a small stable on the edge of town, run by “widower” Demarion Whitman and his daughter Emily. When Demarion takes a special interesting in her, Emily grows distant, and accidents begin occuring around the farm, Teri senses something is amiss. Will she discover the perpetrator before it’s too late?

[Yes it’s a paranormal romance. See my post about werebunnies.]

[Technically in the same universe as my NaNo…]

[Definitely abandoned. I have no idea where my outline even went.]

Prince of Thieves #

Kahil receives a startling revelation from an outlaw (imagine!) and must go to Blythn to sort things out. Once they arrive, the king is nearly assassinated, an angry elf begins stalking Kahil with intent to murder, and he gets beat in a duel by a twelve-year-old. Honestly, could life get any worse?

Forgiven * #

Fallor Braeden hates his life. His father doesn’t love him, won’t spend time with him, and hates the only thing Fallor loves–archery. With a slightly mental brother and an impending marriage, Fallor calls it quits and runs away. That’s when he meets Caradoc and the outlaws, and his whole world is turned upside down, quite literally…

Love * #

Jeline never realized the trouble being a double agent would bring. On a visit to a human ambassador to warn him of the elfin coup, she meets a most interesting man in the person of a well-informed thief, whose cousin just happens to be a notorious outlaw. One thing leads to another and soon Jeline is mixed up in a tangle of romance and politics that, for once, she can’t get herself out of.

Revenge * #

After seven years of a loving marriage, Fallor finds himself alone when his wife is brutally murdered. He wallows in his grief for ten long years, leaving his young daughter to fend for herself, and forcing his best friend to take over leadership of the outlaw band. Then his best friend is killed by the same fiend who killed Jeline, and Fallor realizes it is time to step up and be the man he couldn’t be before–only to find that no one will believe him anymore.

[The summary for this has changed, but I haven’t rewritten it yet so this’ll have to do.]


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  1. how long have you been writing mer?

  2. u are really good at it 🙂

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